Julius Seizure

Julius Seizure is a metal band based in New Jersey and is made up of members of ex-Will Killmore and ex-Simensis. After only a few months together and they wrote and recorded their debut EP “Beware The Ides Of March” released May 2012 and was immediately well received by the metal community and outside listeners alike.

They are currently on legendary Seton Hall college radio WSOU as well as Sirius XM's Liquid Metal. JS released their 1st single, and accompanying video starring Nick Eckert of F.A.T. Entertainment and shot by Marko Albrecht of Essential Creative Agency, “OxyGen(eration)” in no time.The band has been touring and playing shows relentlessly with bands such as I THE BREATHER, Fit For an Autopsy and Within The Ruins. JS just wrapped up thier second video shoot for their next single TMSNEV.

Check out Julius Seizure at www.JuliusSeizureband.com and be sure to add them on facebook, twitter and instagram for updates!

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